Want to attract more clients, generate more revenue, and create more freedom
Learn how to create the perfect coaching program, position yourself as an authority in your industry, and leverage the power of automation... 
Just Imagine... make $10k, $20k, or $30k+ per month by helping others and doing what you were called to do - would that provide you with freedom? have systems in place to consistently (how's daily for you?) attract high-paying clients who are excited and ready to work with you - would that provide you with freedom?

...your messaging and offer are so clear and concise that you only attract your ideal client and you repel lazy, cheap, and "uncoachable" people - would that provide you with freedom?
And... sell your coaching services with with complete confidence and authenticity, without being pushy or "salesy" - would that provide you with freedom? create such epic experiences for your clients that testimonials pour in and your clients are begging to join your next program - would that provide you with freedom? have a community and support system to turn to whenever you feel "stuck" or "overwhelmed" - would that provide you with freedom?

The Freedom Through Coaching Program step-by-step blueprint to all of this and more
What Others Are Saying...
Your Step-By-Step Blueprint To Growing A 6-Figure (OR MORE) Online Coaching Business & Achieving Freedom
The Freedom Through Coaching (FTC) Program is a 10-week, step-by-step curriculum that helps you create, grow and scale an online coaching business to 6-figures (and beyond) so you can achieve a life of freedom. 

Regardless of your past successes or failures, or marketing or business know-how... the Freedom Through Coaching program is here to give you the exact step-by-step system to create the ideal coaching structure, attract the ideal client, and deliver the ideal result. 

You see, it's all about creating meaningful results and epic experiences for your clients... 

And creating a lifestyle of freedom for yourself. 
By the end of the program, not only will you have created freedom for yourself... 

but you're also providing freedom to your own clients! 

If you're a fitness/health coach, you're freeing your clients from a life of unhealthy habits and low self-esteem. You're giving your clients the permission and freedom to be happy and healthy and not be ashamed of their own skin. 

If you're a relationship coach, you're freeing your clients from unhealthy or abusive relationships... from hurt or anger or feelings of betrayal. You're freeing your clients to have self-worth and love themselves. 

If you're a business coach, you're freeing your clients from embarrassment  of failure or possible bankruptcy. You're freeing them to be successful while staying true to their passion. 

This is why we named the program Freedom Through Coaching... we'll help you achieve freedom while simultaneously helping you achieve freedom for your clients. 

As my friend Sid Clevinger says, "We all win, when we all win."

Let's continue with what's in the program...

When you join Freedom Through Coaching, you'll be joining a hard-working, yet supportive community of other students who are hear to learn, grow, and give back. While you're a part of the tribe, we hope you build solid relationships and life-long friends (and possibly even future business partners or clients).

During the 10-weeks, you'll learn absolutely EVERYTHING you need to know to create, grow and scale a successful coaching program.

You learn...
  • How To Find Your Perfect Niche: One that you love to serve, you're good at serving, and they desperately needs your services! 
  •  How To Structure Your Program: Most coaches get this wrong and it dooms them from the start.
  • How to Create A Message & Offer That Resonates: And it has NOTHING to do with lowering your prices
  •  How to Generate Clients Organically: And it has NOTHING to do with blog posts or SEO
  •  How to Leverage Paid Ads To Scale Even Faster: We'll show you the ads we're running as well as help you craft yours!
  •  Marketing, Sales, & Mindset: Learning these 3 things alone will put you in the top 1%
  •  Productivity Hacks and Daily Routines: Get more done in a day than most people do in a week
  •  Systems & Automations: Make more money working fewer hours
  •  And so much MORE!
By the end of the 10-week program, you’ll have a full system set up to attract clients and close sales with ease... you'll have FREEDOM THROUGH COACHING!

And if you run into any questions or just "feel stuck", we’ve got you! 

Inside FTC, you'll gain access to UNLIMITED daily support inside our private Facebook community.

We also encourage you to participate in the numerous weekly calls, including live Q&A coaching livestreams.  
Anytime you need help, simply post in our private community or attend one of our livestreams. 

While this is a "group coaching program", customized, on-demand guidance is just a click away.

Freedom Through Coaching is the perfect blend of EDUCATION, MOTIVATION, ACCOUNTABILITY, AND SUPPORT….

It's the #1 Program if you're looking to achieve FREEDOM THROUGH COACHING!
The 5-Freedom Framework
Is This You?
  •  You consistently have a couple of clients (mostly local acquaintances)...  but you just can’t figure out how to grow your business online and get clients from "cold" traffic
  •  You are great at what you do (and can get your clients results!)... but you just can't figure  out how to get your clients to actually pay you what you're worth
  •  You want to leverage your time and achieve freedom (work from home, quit your job, travel the world, etc.)... but becoming a Freedom Coach is alluding you
  •  You want to be an authority in your industry and grow a tribe of followers... but you don't know how to go about positioning yourself as THE GO-TO EXPERT
  •  You want to sale with confidence and authenticity...  but you don't want to sound pushy or "salesy"
If the statements above describe YOU….
 Freedom Through Coaching is the perfect solution for you!